The main topics of the EXRS2016 conference

  • Interactions of X-rays with matter and fundamental parameters
  • XRS Instrumentation (X-ray sources, optics and detectors)
  • Quantification methodology and metrology
  • TXRF, GIXRF and related techniques
  • Microbeam techniques, confocal XRF and X-Ray imaging
  • Mobile and portable XRF
  • Synchrotron XRS, XAFS, high resolution XES, and RIXS
  • PIXE instrumentation and applications
  • Electron induced XRS



  • X-ray diffraction (XRD)
  • XRS in Art and Cultural Heritage
  • XRS in Advanced Materials and Nanoscience
  • XRS in Earth and Environment sciences
  • XRS in Industrial Quality and Process Control
  • XRS in Life Sciences and Forensics
  • Recent Scientific Developments by XRS Instrumentation Manufacturers (reserved to exhibitors)